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About GHC Products


How GHC Develops Our Innovative Products

We develop each product from Concept to CAD to Testing to Production. Greg Carpenter Concrete Incorporated (GCCI) was a leading Tilt-Up Construction Company in Northern California and regularly used these products prior to Greg’s retirement. Local contractors in Northern California can personally attest to the high quality and durability of these products.

Who we are

GHC Products is headquartered in Victor, California and the GHC Products line of tiltup brace saddle, expansion joint holders, pipe dowels, and adjustable chair supports are available nationally. Our company is committed to an ongoing development process to expand our line over time as innovations are developed and tested.

Greg Carpenter is the President and CEO of GHC Products and is also a concrete contractor since 1989. Each of Greg’s products has been developed through his industry experience as a working contractor.

The quality of the GHC Products reflects the values of our founder. We think it makes sense to use construction products created and developed by a contractor and quality tested in the field. We are sure that you will appreciate how our products will enhance your construction projects so why not call us today and learn more about how GHC Products can raise the level of quality of your construction.

We want to share our knowledge with you

If you have questions about our products, please view our Adjustable Support Chair Overview, Pipe Dowel Overview or Expansion Joint Overview. Or please feel free to contact us directly by calling 209-993-3587 or emailing us to discuss your specific needs.