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Frequently Asked Questions


GHC Products knows you have tough questions about how these products perform, what are their capabilities and how you can save time and money using these products. So, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers. Look over these questions and as you see a question that interests you, simply click on the question and the answer will appear below the question.

GHC Product Questions


Where can I order these products?

GHC Products can be ordered directly from GHC by calling (209) 993-3587.  Our products may also be ordered through our distributors at White Cap Construction Supply or at HUB Construction Specialties.

What thickness of felt can the expansion joint holder hold?
The thickness of the felt holder is 1/2″.
How high will the expansion joint holder hold an expansion joint?
It is recommended not to exceed 8″ in height.
Do I have to order from a distributor or can I order direct through GHC Products?
If you are in an area with a distributor of GHC Products then your orders should be placed with that distributor. Because of the relationships with our distributors, we sell our products at the same price as sold by the distributors.
What is the adjustable height of the support chair?
The support chair will adjust from 6” to 10” by screwing the center portion of the stand.
Is the Pipe Dowel product ICBO-approved?

The GHC Products, Inc. Pipe Dowel has been approved by the ICBO. For more information contact us on (209) 993-3587.

Can the GHC Products really save me time and money?
Every contractor that has used these products agree that they have saved time and money during construction.