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Improved Tilt-up Concrete Construction

GHC Products provides innovative products to tilt-up concrete construction products and have been designed, manufactured and used by an experienced tilt-up concrete construction contractor, Greg Carpenter and the Greg Carpenter Concrete Inc. company. As a nationally recognized expert in tilt-up concrete construction, Greg constantly applies his knowledge and experience to improve the quality and performance of his construction projects. Now, through the GHC Products website, you can take advantage of these performance enhancing products. Feel free to call Greg directly on 209-993-3587to discuss your project needs and how these projects can help improve your bottom-line performance.

Innovative Tiltup Brace Saddle (Learn More)

The Brace Saddle was shown for the first time at the 2018 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas. The product generated a tremendous amount of interest and received great reviews from the attending Tiltup Contractors. Many of these experienced Tiltup Contractors said the TILTUP BRACE SADDLE was the most innovative product at the show!



Eliminate Leftover Concrete Support Chairs (Learn More)

Have you ever wondered how you could avoid ending up with a lot of leftover concrete support chairs at the end of a job? Will, Greg and his team thought about that problem and designed the adjustable support chair as the answer.  This high quality concrete support chair quickly and accurately adjusts from 6 inches to 10 inches in order to avoid ordering sets of support chairs with different heights.  This adjustment in height is easily made by screwing the center post up or down.  The adjustability of our support chair means there’s also no worry about having left over chairs.

Prevent Bent Rebar (Learn More)

Are you tired of messy grease that is required for the smooth dowel systems? Are you or your crew frustrated by the inefficiency and wasted time spent double cutting rebar, and the hassle of repositioning out of position smooth dowels? Will Greg and his team were also, so they developed the GHC Products Pipe Dowel. This ICBO approved design delivers an effective pipe dowel solution that saves you time and reduce your costs. The Pipe Dowel™ is made in three sizes to accommodate #3 rebar (3/8” model), #4 rebar (1/2” model) and #5 rebar (5/8″ pipe dowel) so regardless of the project requirements we have the right dowel for your needs.

Eliminate Expansion Joint Positioning Problems (Learn More)

Have you experienced the problem of keeping expansion joints accurately located? Will, Greg and his team thought about this challenge and designed the GHC Products expansion joint holder which is stable, expandable, dependable and eliminates the sometimes tricky placement of expansion joints. This innovative Expansion Joint Holder comes in two foot sections that lock together to enable unlimited lengths to be set. This product is highly recommended on site concrete or wherever an expansion joint is called for during construction.