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Tiltup Brace Saddle

The newest INNOVATION to the Concrete Tiltup Market

The Tiltup Brace Saddle was introduced at the 2018 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. The Brace Saddle product was extremely well received and had great reviews from the attending Tiltup Contractors. Some of these contractors even called the Tiltup Brace Saddle the most innovative product at the show.

Please call GHC Products on 209-993-3587 to learn more about this innovative, cost saving product.

Watch this video demonstration of the Tiltup Brace Saddle

Tiltup Brace Saddle Features

  • Brace Saddle can move left or right for steering, and up or down for handling the brace.
    • The saddle is equipped with a safety strap that must be used when traveling on uneven surface or at the discretion of the operator.
  • The forklift attachment can be reversed for left or right-side operation, allowing for proper usage in tight spaces or corners. The forklift attachment has attachment points on both sides of the forklift attachment. To reverse the forklift attachment simply detached the safety chains from the forklift, reverse the forklift attachment and reattached the safety chains.
  • The Brace Saddle is stabilized by a torsion bar suspension helping to maintain the brace on a level plain, but easily managed by the operator.
  • The Brace Saddle is designed for a 5 to 1 safety factor.

Download the Tiltup Brace Saddle Marketing Flyer

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